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Fingerprint Biometric Systems

Fingerprint Biometric Products! Fingerprint Time Attendance Systems, Fingerprint Access Control Systems

Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Face Recognition Systems

Face Recognition Time Attendance Systems, Face Recognition Biometric Access Control Systems.

Face Recognition Access Control Cum Time Attendance System

RFID Smart Card Systems

RFID Card Access Control Systems, RFID Time Attendance Systems, Employee Attendance Systems

RFID Time Attendance System

Special UHF RFID Readers

UHF Long Range Readers, UHF RFID Desktop Readers UHF For Electronic Toll Collection



Our mission


“BISO Developments is a growing network of interrelated businesses... BISO continuously strives to meet the needs of its customers for total value by offering a unique package of Technology, Price, Service and Assortment.”

So who are we?


Founded in 2005 and Head office in Pune Maharashtra, BISO Developments is electronic automation provider company. The company offers products and services ranging from Biometric Time Attendance Systems to enterprise level Employee attendance systems. It operates in business segments including Biometric Face recognition system devices, Custom Time Attendance system applications, and other advance usage of Biometric and RFID identification technology.



Biso Developments has serviced many clients in a wide array of industries including Mechanical, software, Real Estate, Education, and Other Industries. Below is a sample of some of the clients we have worked with either on Biometric, RFID Products, Attendance, or a combination of systems. You can find some of the clients listed on Clients page. Even you can request reference list of of satisfied clients.


Time Attendance System: Collection of IN-OUT Time of employee through Attendance Punching Device and Generation of periodic Attendance Reports using this data. This involves electronic Punching Device and report generation software.
Access Control System: Also called Door Access Control. Purpose is to restrict entry of selected premises for authorised personals only. This Involves electromagnetic lock and Biometric or RFID identification device. Reporting of access through door is also possible.
Biometric Device: Electronic Device used to collect and verify Fingerprints, face or other biometric parameter. This data is used for Attendance System or Access Control System.
UHF RFID: UHF long range RFID is next generation of RFID products. At BISO we help you to choose correct Long Range UHF RFID Readers and Antenna and UHF RFID TAGs Other UHF Products for your project. We have Several type of UHF Products In Stock in Pune.
Our Address BISO Developments Nahre, Pune. Maharashtra India Pin Code: 411041 Phone: 020 32400887